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At PeakValley Wealth, our goal is to deeply understand what’s important in your life and develop a relationship and partnership that will last for many years. We want to see you be successful.

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The firm was founded by Ben Shrader in 2012. After starting in the industry right out of college in 2008, he worked three years at two financial firms before setting out to build an independent firm centered around core principals, values, and long-term client relationships. Ben worked on his own until Erin Muterspaugh joined the firm in 2018, and the rest is history. In recent years we have seen tremendous growth and have expanded with multiple new team members. We plan to keep growing and look forward to what the future holds.

The name PeakValley Wealth came from a discussion sitting at a coffee shop talking about what name would best represent who we are and what we do. The areas in which we live and work are defined by the peaks of the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains, as well as the valleys of Roanoke and New River, thus “PeakValley” was born. While our regional presence was the primary idea behind our name, we also think it embodies what is true of a long-term investment process. As much as we’d like everything to be a straight line up, that is not true of investing, and it’s not true of life. There will be “Peaks” and “Valleys”, but the difference in the outcome is made by the path we take and how we respond to what the future holds. We plan to be there every step of the way guiding your financial future.

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Brandon Langley

Portfolio Manager

Brandon joined the PeakValley Wealth team in 2022 in a sub-advisory capacity. He delights in finding objectivity through the abundance of price data available in the market, which he believes can help investors stay rooted to their financial plans even during uncertain economic environments.

Brandon began his career as a credit risk manager for one of Wells Fargo’s lending divisions. He is now the President of Blueprint Investment Partners and has been collaborating with our other Portfolio Manager, Jon Robinson, since 2003. Plenty of investment managers like to say they are data-driven, but it takes a different level of discipline to follow the data even when it’s bucking conventional thinking or making you feel a little uncomfortable. Brandon is unwaveringly in the latter camp. During the 2008 financial crisis and Great Recession, he spent thousands of hours researching financial markets and became convinced of the importance of process and behavior on investors achieving their financial goals.

Brandon holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in economics from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. When he’s not knee deep in research, Brandon enjoys time playing on the family farm and traveling with his wife and two children.

Jon Robinson

Portfolio Manager

Jon joined the PeakValley Wealth team in 2022 in a sub-advisory capacity. He has a passion for helping clients achieve better outcomes through investment strategies that help sidestep the natural human biases that can lead to abandoning a sound financial plan.

Jon began his career as a trader and market maker at Bear Stearns before serving as an equity research analyst with Prudential Equity Group. He is now the CEO of Blueprint Investment Partners and has been collaborating with our other Portfolio Manager, Brandon Langley, since 2003. Jon has a passion for building efficient, high efficacy investment portfolios that follow a systematically repeatable process - all in an effort to improve the client’s investment experience. He also loves to help others achieve their full potential, which permeates throughout his work both in and out of the office.

Personally, Jon is a family man and spends most of his free time with his wife and three children. Jon holds degrees in Finance and Economics from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Additionally, he is actively involved in his church and alma mater.

Becky Botts

Client Service Manager

Becky joined PeakValley Wealth at the start of 2023. Having first experienced PVW as a client, she was excited for the opportunity to join the team. Her personality and humor bring life to every meeting she is in.

Becky has family roots in Ohio and Florida but grew up mostly in Southern West Virginia. She is one of four girls, which did not stop her Dad from fully engaging each girl in his love for sports. Becky graduated from college with an associate’s degree in office administration. She worked in the Economics Department of New York University before a stint with Cardinal Health as a Pharmacy Business Consultant. She left the corporate workforce to stay home and raise her growing family. Since then, she has classically educated her three children and grown a successful essential oils business. The wisdom from Becky’s life experience comes through often, and her people personality fits well with her role at the firm.

Becky gave her life to God early in life, and she is most grateful for her husband, Mark, and their children. She continues to stay active in sports and fitness. She has grown to love reading and one of her favorite parts of most days is her morning time with Mark – reading, drinking coffee, and possibly quoting Seinfeld.

Tim Martin

Financial Advisor

Tim joined PeakValley Wealth in 2023. He is a former pastor who tended to write his sermons on engineering graph paper, uniting his technical side with his love of Truth and desire to serve people. Now he seeks to unite those qualities to help people steward their financial resources.

Tim grew up on the outskirts of Roanoke, VA before heading to the Virginia Military Institute for a degree in Electrical Engineering. After graduating, he spent four years in the US Air Force before migrating to California for seminary and his first pastorate. After several years there, he returned to Roanoke where, after a short stint teaching school, he continued in the Christian ministry. After another fulfilling 18 years as a pastor, Tim began to sense a leading in a slightly different direction. He retooled in hopes of combining his love for people and for numbers in the world of financial advising. Working with PeakValley Wealth is the fulfillment of those hopes!

Tim and his wife Nancy love visiting their four grown children and their adorable, exceptional, and brilliant grandchildren! Besides visiting their young’uns, they enjoy reading, traveling, watching cop shows, attending theater, riding bikes, and being part of their church community.

Erin Muterspaugh

Director of Operations

Erin joined PeakValley Wealth in 2018. She has been a huge asset to the firm with her business background, meticulous personality, and bright friendly spirit.

Erin moved all over the US growing up, living in several states including Pennsylvania, Utah, Georgia, and Illinois (no, her parents were not in the military). She went to high school outside of Chicago, graduated from Roanoke College in Salem, VA, and holds a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. Before joining the firm, she had a 10 year career in Marketing & Advertising, where she worked with local and regional businesses on their television and video marketing campaigns. Erin decided to make a career switch and is now very glad she did!  She runs all operations at the firm, and she is a fully licensed advisor working mostly with our business retirement plan clients.

Erin enjoys spending time with her husband Richard and their daughter and son. She has an athletic background and formerly played softball for Roanoke College. Erin likes to stay active, and when given the opportunity, loves to travel. She has made the Roanoke area home and likes to stay involved in various community organizations and activities.

Ben Shrader, CFP®

President, Financial Advisor

Ben founded PeakValley Wealth in 2012. He loves people, numbers, and detail…so he has definitely found his calling.

Ben grew up in the mountains of Tazewell, VA, went to high school in Princeton, WV, and graduated from Roanoke College in Salem, VA with a degree in Business Administration, along with concentrations in Finance and Accounting. Ben began work in the financial industry right out of college in 2008 (great year to start, right?) at a large financial services firm. He worked several years before transitioning for a brief stint at a different firm. After seeing how the financial service industry operated, he knew there was a better way to provide financial advice. He wanted to offer clear and transparent services that followed an understandable process focused around the client being successful, which ultimately led to the creation of PeakValley Wealth. Ben has steadily grown the firm, has not looked back, and is passionate about the principles the firm was founded upon.

Ben’s faith is the most important thing in his life. He loves spending time with his wife Beth and their four boys. Ben is really into sports, and formerly played basketball for Roanoke College. In his free time (what’s that?), he can be found on the golf course with clients and friends, taking practice swings in the living room, or shooting basketball in the driveway. Ben also serves on the board for one of his favorite local ministries, Camp Braveheart.

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