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We carefully evaluate each client relationship to ensure that our services will be valuable, beneficial, and in the best interest of each client – not only now, but for years to come.  As we assist you in managing your wealth, we provide regular updates, fee transparency, and concise reporting; so you stay informed on your entire financial picture.

Personal Wealth

We firmly believe that financial planning and investment management go hand in hand in creating successful financial outcomes, so we place equal focus on both services for our clients.

Financial Planning

- Retirement Planning
- Cash Flow Planning
- Debt Planning
- Education Planning
- Insurance Planning
- Tax and Estate Planning

Investment Management

- Investment Objectives
- Risk Management
- Portfolio Design
- Active Oversight
- Tax Optimization
- Trading and Rebalancing

Financial Planning

Determining where your finances currently stand and where you want to go is the first step in our process. Our financial planning services are designed to meet you where you are and create a map that guides your financial future.

▸Retirement Planning

Detailed analysis to determine whether you are on track for a successful retirement with recommendations on how to improve long-term financial well-being. Includes evaluating different scenarios to model the impact of potential changes.

▸Cash Flow Planning

Deep dive into your personal balance sheet including income, expenses, and savings rates. Assistance in developing a budget worksheet to align cash flow with financial goals and objectives.

▸Debt Planning

Evaluating all existing debt such as home mortgage, auto loans, and student loans. Formulating a debt reduction plan after reviewing terms, schedules, and options.

▸Education Planning

Creating a customized education funding strategy based on future projected costs that will fit into your overall budget and financial plan.

▸Insurance Planning

Reviewing current insurance policies to ensure you and your family are covered and protected effectively. Illustrating the benefits of increasing or decreasing coverage to the appropriate amount.

▸Tax and Estate Planning

Facilitate the optimization of financial plans from both a tax and legal perspective by use of advanced planning software and integration with other professionals.

* Scope is limited to general guidance and does not qualify as tax or legal advice by a CPA or attorney.

Investment Management

While financial planning creates the map and lights the path, investing is the engine that drives you down the road. Our investment strategies are built on our economic understanding of capital markets and the wealth creation process, as well as decades of research and implementation experience.

▸Investment Objectives

Formulating specific investment objectives, whether growth-oriented or more conservative, to align your investment strategy directly with your financial plan or specific goals. Developed through deep discussion and understanding of your personal preferences, what you want to achieve, and how we should best approach getting there.

▸Risk Management

Selecting a management style that actively evaluates the specific risks of the market relevant to your finances, not only now, but on an on-going basis. Adapting to the constantly changing economic conditions by making risk adjustments when necessary.

▸Portfolio Design

Designing your portfolio in a balanced way to create diversification across the major asset classes of the equity and fixed income markets. Built to help you meet your investment objective and migrate the peaks and valleys of economic cycles along the way.

▸Active Oversight

Consistently monitoring your investments to ensure they are performing appropriately within the context of the financial markets and your financial plan. Regular reviews and tracking with reporting for you to view.

▸Tax Optimization

Harvesting and offsetting of gains and losses on a regular basis to position your portfolio in a way that will minimize your short and long-term tax liability to the extent possible.

▸Trading and Rebalancing

Execution of your investment strategy on the various market exchanges with a specific focus on trade pricing and portfolio weightings. Completed timely and regularly.

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Our Financial Planning Philosophy

In our years of experience as an advisory firm, an observation we have seen repeatedly is that the clients who have the greatest long-term financial success are the ones who have a plan. This is the foundation. The importance of planning applies to most areas of life, not just finance. If you are going to start a business, change your career, or even go on a trip - you create a plan. When planning is essential from the most important down to the least important decisions in life, how much more impactful can it be when you are considering your financial future? Crafting a solid long-term financial plan can be an elusive and tedious task, which is why the focus in financial services often shifts to investing– something that can be inherently more exciting. While both are important, we start with the financial plan first, then let this drive the other financial decisions we make. The result is not just a path to financial success, but also a path to greater peace of mind – something that can help us all.

Your financial plan may last for years, or it may change next year due to unforeseen circumstances, personal desires, or economic conditions. Your financial plan should change as you do, whether that happens next year or 10 years from now. As an extension of this philosophy, our financial planning services are on-going* and designed to meet you where you are to deliver the exact service you need at the time you need it, whether that be formulating a comprehensive plan or simply taking a look at one specific area of your financial life.

*In certain situations we do offer one-time financial planning services.

Our Investment Philosophy

At PeakValley Wealth, we believe an investment portfolio is a tool used to create a desired outcome. To us, investments are a means to an end. Whether your investments are used to create cash flow income in retirement, build a home, pay off debt, or pass on an inheritance, you are using your resources to create something that has far more value in your life and the lives of those around you than simply a number on a statement.

Through our years as a firm, we have seen, observed, and researched many different approaches to portfolio management – all in a never-ending effort to ensure we are managing the capital that has been entrusted to us in a wise and prudent way. Our investment philosophy hinges on two very important, yet simple concepts:

  1. The most important objective is our clients meeting their end financial goals. At the end of the day, that is what matters. What does not matter is trying to outperform a benchmark, beat the S&P 500, or chase a historical return average. When objectives like these are the starting point, it will often result in tremendous emotional stress and poor decision making, which further compounds the problem. We start with the end goal in mind, then build our investment management strategy to match.

  2. How you get to your end goal matters, and it matters because you must believe in what you are doing and be willing to stick with it. Riding the edge of every sharp up or downturn of the market may be comfortable for some investors, but it is not for everyone. There will be great periods of positive returns, as well as challenging periods of negative declines. You must be able to weather the difficult times both financially and emotionally. Our investment philosophy is not only built upon you achieving your long-term financial goals, but it is also built upon the experience you have and the ride you take to get there.

These simple yet true principles guide our portfolio design process.